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4 Week Winter Art Therapy Course

14 September 2023

This therapeutic, fully funded 4-week course allows you to connect with art and your own inner emotions. Each session will have a different focus based around releasing your built-up stress in the winter months.

Many of us know from direct personal experience that self-soothing skills are essential for mental health. When we are triggered by something and experience a strong emotional reaction, it is helpful to counter this immediately with a soothing experience.

Engaging in creative behaviours improves your brain function as well as, mental and physical health. Being in a state of flow when creating boosts our mental state and even slows the heart rate down, making it particularly significant for people who suffer from depression or anxiety.

Session details:

  • Thursday 2nd November, 12-2pm.
  • Thursday 9th November, 12-2pm.
  • Thursday 16th November, 12-2pm.
  • Thursday 23rd November, 12-2pm.

All sessions will be held at St Marys Church, Church Street, Maldon, England, CM9 5HW. To book click here.