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Strength & Balance

Strength and Balance Community Assets

Maldon & District CVS hold are range of physical activity equipment and games to benefit the local community sector.

We were lucky enough to be awarded funding from Active Essex in 2022 which enabled us to purchase these assets which are available for MDCVS members and local community groups to borrow for any of their events or projects.

We have a wide range of equipment suitable for children & young people, adults and those with disabilities.

Some of the items we have include – rounders set, bean bag games, tin can ally, pop up tennis net, target games and much more.

To find out more information or to get a full list of equipment, please contact Ryan Pegrum on 01621 851 891 or email:

Slipper Upgrade

Worn and ill-fitting slippers are a major cause of trips and falls in the elderly. By providing people with free access to well fitted slippers we can help reduce that risk and help people to stay safe at home. Free slippers are available to people who have been identified as having an increased risk of falls including:

  • Had a fall in the last 12 months
  • Are on four or more medications a day
  • Have Parkinson’s disease or a stroke
  • Are unsteady when walking
  • Struggle to get up from a chair
  • Have sight or hearing loss

Slipper upgrade events and pop ups take place across the district at events please check our events page for details or get in touch with the projects team.

Walks for Wellbeing

There are many benefits to walking including both physical and mental health benefits. For example regular walking can:

  • Improve your muscular strength, from your leg muscles to your heart muscle
  • Help to control your weight (with the help of a healthy diet)
  • Reduces the cholesterol in the body
  • Release hormones like adrenaline, boosting the mood
  • Activate endorphins in the body, which helps to create a sense of wellbeing

Join us for a friendly low impact walk in a central Maldon location, walks are very gentle and range between 1 and 2 miles. All ages and animals are welcome.

For details of walks contact us on 01621 851891 or visit our events page.