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Migrant and Refugee Community Hub

22 April 2022

Fullbridge Church in Maldon, supported by Maldon and District CVS and Maldon District Council, are setting up a Community Hub for Ukrainian refugees, host families and other residents affected by the current conflict in the Ukraine or displacement/relocation from their home countries.

To understand the support and skills on offer in the community, Fullbridge Church will be hosting an event on Tuesday 26th April at 7-8pm at the Church. This event is open to local residents and organisations.  

If you are unable to attend this event, but would like to record your offer of support, please complete the online form.

As well as practical or emotional support to people who will be arriving from the Ukraine or acting as hosts residents are encouraged to create a welcoming community environment for refugees by visually showing their support. Ideas for this include:

  • Making a Ukrainian flag to display in your window
  • Wearing Ukrainian colours
  • Sewing or crocheting a blue and yellow sunflower to wear
  • Baking for hosts families