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Public Health Accelerator Bids

9 August 2023

The Public Health Accelerator Bids (PHAB) programme will fund new projects that help people in Essex to live a healthy life.

The £7.5 million grant programme will run for three years.

PHAB will make a difference to the lives of many vulnerable residents across Essex. The programme focuses on closing the health inequalities experienced in the county.

The programme consists of two grants:

  • small grants of between £500 and £15,000. Applications open on Monday 4 September 2023
  • major grants from £15,000 with no upper limit. Expressions of interest applications open on Tuesday 1 August 2023

Essex County Council reserve the right to cap the upper limit of funding dependent on availability to provide proportionate universalism at any time.

For any enquiries about the programme, email

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