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Relaxation Sessions

7 November 2023

Fun, friendly & relaxing sessions focused around reducing stress & supporting your health & wellbeing…

These relaxation sessions are FREE to attend…
Sessions open for all Maldon District residents, employees, charity workers & volunteers…
These sessions will be run by our relaxation coach – Jackie;
Jackie offers wellbeing support and nutritional guidance. She works with both private clients & companies on various subjects, including stress management, better sleep, eating for health and holistic menopause support.
Jackie is a nutrition consultant, healer, coach, and hypnotist.
Using a combination of safe techniques, including “progressive muscle relaxation” & guided meditation, Jackie will take participants through a deeply calming experience designed to release tension, stress & worry, leaving you feeling refreshed, more energised & more positive.

Sessions will be held @ Maldon Town Hall ( Market Hill, Town Centre, Maldon CM9 4PZ)

Sessions will be running from 6pm – 7pm on;
Thursday 23rd November 2023
Thursday 25th January 2024
Thursday 22nd February 2024

To book your place on one of these relaxation sessions, click here and simply select the ticket option for the session you would like to attend.

For further information please contact Rory Smith;
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